As long as humans have been alive, they’ve expressed themselves through dance. Here is a list of some the most popular dance styles throughout history.

1.    Salsa

Often called the sexiest dance ever, salsa is great for professionals and beginners. It allows a high amount of improvisation on the basic steps. The key to a great salsa routine is just to let go.

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2.    Jazz

Another heavily improvisational dance type is jazz. Bold, dramatic movements syncopate in time with the music.

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3.    Tap

Wearing special shoes, dancers can create their own music through tap dance. They use their feet like drums and create rhythmic patterns without the need for musical accompaniment.

4.    Hip-Hop

Descended from jazz, hip-hop evolved as a form of street dance. Breakdancing, popping, and locking dancers formed crews and often had dance battles in front of large crowds.

5.    Contemporary

Meant to move both the dancer and the audience, modern dance is all about feelings. An emphasis is placed on creativity and pushing the limits of the human body.

If performed with the aid of other artists, the dance can be combined with lights, sounds, and images that create a spectacle like no other.

6.     Swing

In the era of big bands, swing dance became immensely popular. Unlike jazz- which focused on the individual- swing is about partnership. Couples swing, spin, and jump together in time to sound of brass tunes.

7.    Flamenco

This expressive dance combines precise footwork with intricate hand details. Flamenco consists of three parts: the song, the dance, and guitar playing. You can’t have one without the others.

8.    Belly Dance

Unlike most other dances, belly dancing focuses solely on the hips and torso area. Shimmies, spins, and belly rolls are a staple of a good dancer.